Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators

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Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators
Topical — 2020
This workshop focuses on how computer technology can be used to enhance and improve the educational experience of students. Non-expert college faculty will be introduced to the basics of molecular modeling through lectures followed by hands-on sessions in the computer laboratory. In addition to molecular modeling techniques, other free and low-cost visualization, modeling, simulation, and mathematics software will be introduced via hands-on activities. Participants will have time to begin development of curriculum materials for use in the classroom. Free access to molecular modeling software for educational uses will also be provided beyond the end of the workshop.
Mount Saint Mary College
Newburgh, NY
Jun 1 - Jun 5
Local Coordinators
Shawn Sendlinger
Lead Instructors
Katharine Cahill and Shawn Sendlinger
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Apr 10
Requires two steps to register (both must be done but can be done in any order): Step A: Register on the XSEDE Portal. Step B: Register here on the NCSI site. Breakfast and dinner are provided free of charge for this workshop. Housing is provided as single-occupancy dorm rooms with shared bathrooms.
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